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Halo Animal Rescue

This year, we partnered with local non-profit Halo Animal Rescue to help animals in needs.

We’re running a donation drive for them all weekend long at the 8123 Pop Up Shop. Please bring a donation with you when you come to shop - a small contribution from everyone really does make a big impact!

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8123 Impact Events Happening At 8123 Fest

Two years ago, we launched 8123 Impact - a charity initiative to encourage the 8123 Family to donate their times and talents locally by volunteering in their communities. Since then, we’ve arranged numerous volunteer projects during The Maine’s tours and hundreds of you guys have gotten involved!

Now, we’re going back to the place that started it all, the community of Phoenix, Arizona where we launched Impact. In celebration of 8123 Fest this week, we have arranged some fun volunteer projects in The Maine’s community - we hope you will get involved!

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My Dream 8123 Fest Line Up

Ever since the second 8123 Fest was announced last month, I’ve been daydreaming about who I’d love to see as part of the line up—apart from the rest of the 8123 roster, of course. So I put together my dream line up, using bands who’ve toured with The Maine in the past as well as bands I think would fit in well.

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A Reflection On 8123 Fest 2017

The Maine have been my favourite band and a gigantic chunk of sunshine in my life for a generous handful of years now, but for me 8123 fest was the point at which this whole thing started to feel more than just a band, but like a family. The atmosphere in that parking lot in downtown Phoenix, filled with several thousand souls from all over the world was nothing short of magical.

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