In Loving Memory

An 8123 Community blog by Justin Nuckols.

The roses have all wilted,      And in rolls the gloom      Only to bloom again soon

The roses have all wilted,

And in rolls the gloom

Only to bloom again soon

The seemingly endless energy, enthusiasm, and high times of the last album cycle of Lovely Little Lonely concluded at The Funeral. The focus has migrated back to the drawing board to give life to new work that will reap its own significance in our memories and story of 8123. Not to say that the good times are over or buried, but rather a new era is upon us which requires a retreat from the here and now, to signify a change of purpose.


Metaphorically, this is our day-to-day, our successes-and-failures, our peaks-and-valleys of life. Embracing the flawlessness of the high-times, the days or months or years that shatter the ceiling of expectations of what you envisioned “perfect” would feel like, must come to an end. To give rise to the struggles, burdens, and scramble to keep find footing. These days in contrast show the resilience of your spirit and give the high times a much greater appreciation.


Celebrate what has been created. Memories, stories, friendships, lessons learned. All are created in any cycle. But keep your eyes set on what’s to come. On the new perspectives and strength to develop in a phase yet to be explored. Embark onto something new, and scary, realizing the future is a fruit grown of today’s seeds, and 8123 continues to surpass the expectations.


The 8123 Fest is a time to look back on every triumph and struggle the Community experienced that has propelled us to putting on the Emo Coachella, ourselves. Discomfort by choice, turning the page on today’s success for tomorrow’s experiment, and banding around the people that make all this possible is one reason to be optimistic. If this transitionary era is a larger metaphor in life, be as optimistic as I feel the 8123 Community is for what’s ahead.