8123 Fest: Hotel Options

Coming to 8123 Fest and need a place to stay? We've updated all of our hotel partners for Fest weekend - so if you haven't already booked your accommodations, be sure to take a look at the site!

We tried to find a variety of options to fit all budgets, and the 8123 Fest rates are apart of a group discount, ensuring you get the best value for booking! 

Some of the hotels are walking distance to 8123 Fest (downtown Phoenix) and some are a 15-20 minute drive or public transit trip.  Be sure to read through the booking instructions on the site to ensure you get the 8123 Fest rate.

***Please note, the blocks at each hotel are limited, so once you have confirmed your plans be sure to book right away! The blocks are held for a limited amount of time before they expire - check out each booking link for exact details.***

Take a look at the hotel options here: https://www.81-23.com/fest

Have any questions? Sound off in the comments and we'll get back to you asap!