While In Phoenix...

An 8123 Community blog by Justin Nuckols - a Phoenix local with lots of advice to those traveling to the desert next week!


If you have free time while in the desert for the Fest, make the most of your time with these suggestions:

Tempe Marketplace (found here)

Soak up all the weather Arizona is blessed with in January and get outside. Tempe Marketplace is an outdoor mall, which 8123 artists have often shared for live performances at the Dave & Busters stage, offers tons of shopping, restaurants.


Hole in the Rock (found here)

            Phoenix is rare, in that you can go outside for a hike wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of “winter”. Hole in the Rock is a local gem to check out in neighboring Tempe, Arizona for great Instagram content, quick hikes, and fresh air. 


Cobra Arcade Bar (found here)

            Retro arcades are one of those nostalgic relics - along with Polaroids, vinyls, and cassettes - that is making a comeback. Found in downtown Phoenix, you can choose from a variety of vintage video games and grab a drink with your friends. 


Lumberjaxes Axe Throwing (found here)

            Recently opened in the Phoenix area, you likely caught a peek if you pay close attention to 8123 and The Maine’s Instagram. If you noticed some awkward-looking, overhead axe throwing at wood targets, you can give it a shot. It’s BYOB so plan accordingly (but remember, you are throwing axes after all…)!


Lux Central (found here)

            Your best bet for a caffeine fix in downtown Phoenix, this coffee shop also features a bar, pastries, and a rotating hot menu. If the labels such as “indie” or “hipster” attract you, I recommend checking this spot out. Bonus: The Technicolors held an intimate acoustic evening here several years ago.


Zia Records (found here)

            Based on personal experiences, browsing local record shops has become a necessity when I travel. A few Zia locations are scattered around Phoenix, although Tempe’s store is the same record store most, if not all, 8123 musicians have spent hours within. Pick up a new (or reused) vinyl, comicbook, souvenirs, clothes, or whatever weird items Zia happens to be carrying.


Melinda’s Alley (found here)

            This Prohibition style speakeasy is only open Friday & Saturday from 9 PM - 2 AM (look for the red light on outside) and has limited capacity. You’ll know you’re in the right spot by trippy murals & aesthetic. While the hours may not be most convenient for those planning on side shows and other activities, I’ll hold to my recommendation if you get the chance! 


Tempe Beach Park (Tempe Center for the Arts) (found here)

            If you wander to Tempe to visit Hole in the Rock or Tempe Marketplace, check out the lakeside park. On the north end of Mill Avenue, which hosts tons of college bars, Tempe Beach Park lets you rent paddle boats to take on the lake or paddleboarding (if you dare try in January). If you bring some of the 8123 family, or make new friends, and set up a picnic, you can’t go wrong. Bonus: on the western side of the park is Tempe Center for the Arts, where The Maine played and recorded An Acoustic Evening With The Maine.


8123 Garage (found here)

Make the lyrics a little more personal:


“Eighty One

Twenty Three

Means everything to me

Take me back to the parking lots…”


The reason why you just traveled miles and hours across the country or world for this is due to a group of guys on top of the parking garage we all can all experience.