My Dream 8123 Fest Line Up

An 8123 Community blog by Sam Devotta.

Ever since the second 8123 Fest was announced last month, I’ve been daydreaming about who I’d love to see as part of the line up—apart from the rest of the 8123 roster, of course. So I put together my dream line up, using bands who’ve toured with The Maine in the past as well as bands I think would fit in well.

1. Knuckle Puck

Photo by Ally Newbold.

Photo by Ally Newbold.

I’ve loved Knuckle Puck for a while, so when they toured with The Maine back in 2015, it quickly became one of my favorite tours. I already know the two bands love each other (just listen to Pat and Garrett’s interview with Joe Taylor if you need proof) and it would be fantastic to see them together again.


2. Grayscale


I hadn’t considered Grayscale for the fest until I saw this Twitter interaction and immediately shouted  “YES PLEASE”. Their mellow brand of pop-punk would fit perfectly with both The Maine and Knuckle Puck so they’d be able to bridge the gap between the two different sounds.


3. Arkells

Photo by Grant Martin.

Photo by Grant Martin.

Fun fact: I went to the same university as Arkells, so I’m a little biased when it comes to them. But they managed to pull off their own mini festival earlier this year so I think they could bring some of what they learned during #ArkellsRally to 8123 Fest.


4. Mayday Parade

Again, they’re a band who has previously toured with The Maine and they seem to have a great relationship. So in a dream world, these guys would go on stage right before The Maine and would really pump the crowd up.


5. Taking Back Sunday

What can I say, I have really big dreams. I know TBS hasn’t opened for another band in years, but I also know they love The Maine, so I like to think they’d play 8123 Fest as a favor (plus think of how incredible it would be!).


6. William Beckett

If you, like me, were super into The Academy Is (RIP), then you probably also got into William Beckett’s mellow/acoustic solo stuff. He could absolutely play the Crescent Ballroom stage and it would be a nice, calming break in between all the dancing and singing.


7. Nekokat

Photo by Shawn James.

Photo by Shawn James.

I couldn’t really think of any bands with female musicians who could be a part of this line up (if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!), but Nekokat’s drummer is Jess Bowen (formerly of The Summer Set) and I think they’d bring something special to the fest.

8. The Technicolors

I just assume The Technicolors will be part of the line up and I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

9. Paradise Fears

We’ve now reached the part of my line up where it’s really wishful thinking. Paradise Fears is currently on hiatus but I spent YEARS wishing they would tour with The Maine and a one-off set at 8123 Fest (before going back on hiatus) would make my life.


10. A Rocket to the Moon

a rocket to the moon - credit arttm twitter.jpg

If you want to see me cry, just mention ARTTM. I lost my mind seeing them at last year’s fest and would pay a ridiculous amount of money to see them reunite one more time. Maybe we can make it a thing and have them come back every two years just for 8123 Fest?


Whether or not these bands make it to 8123 Fest, you should still check them out if you have the time. And I’ll see you in the desert on January 19th!

Who do you want to see at 2019's 8123 Fest? Let us know in the comments below!