Revamping Band Tees (Six) - The Final Instalment

Now that you’ve rediscovered, revamped, and revived your old band tees, you’re probably wondering how you can style them with your existing wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe pieces are vastly different from what you used to wear, or you’re just tired of wearing a shirt the same way (i.e., just putting it on and calling it a day), there are many inventive ways you can wear your band tees again, with or without alterations.

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My Dream 8123 Fest Line Up

Ever since the second 8123 Fest was announced last month, I’ve been daydreaming about who I’d love to see as part of the line up—apart from the rest of the 8123 roster, of course. So I put together my dream line up, using bands who’ve toured with The Maine in the past as well as bands I think would fit in well.

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Revamping Band Tees (Part Four)

Sometimes you have shirts that you, quite frankly, just can’t bring yourself to wear out in public anymore. Whether it’s because it’s too old, the band broke up, or it’s your high school boyfriend’s shirt, we all have those shirts that we love but not enough to wear out, but we still can’t let go of them. What do we do with them? Here are a few ideas, with minimal/optional sewing techniques.

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