Tattoo Ideas

I’m here to bring you ideas for the next time you decide to get your love for a band inked on your skin. I’m specifically referencing The Maine here, but you could apply these ideas to just about any band out there. 

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A Guide To Surviving Finals

This one is for all of the students in the 8123 family - we’re wishing you the best of luck!

With finals literally just around the corner, I’m sure all of our stress levels have gone through the roof. I know I’ve been scrambling to get all my final projects and papers done in a timely fashion so I don’t lose my mind!

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Revamping Band Tees (Six) - The Final Instalment

Now that you’ve rediscovered, revamped, and revived your old band tees, you’re probably wondering how you can style them with your existing wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe pieces are vastly different from what you used to wear, or you’re just tired of wearing a shirt the same way (i.e., just putting it on and calling it a day), there are many inventive ways you can wear your band tees again, with or without alterations.

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