Tattoo Ideas

An 8123 Community Blog by Sam Devotta.

Inspired by Paige Williams’ post about permanently marking your skin with a band tattoo from a few months ago—and as someone who recently got another tattoo based on The Maine—I’m here to bring you ideas for the next time you decide to get your love for a band inked on your skin. I’m specifically referencing The Maine here, but you could apply these ideas to just about any band out there. 


  1. The “M” symbol

Maybe you want to start with something small and subtle—so what better than the “M” logo (as featured most prominently on the cover for Black & White). It can be as big or as little as you’d like—tucked away behind your ear or splashed on your shoulder. It’s also basic enough that you can pretend it stands for something else if (for some awful reason) you stop loving The Maine: a friend’s initial or maybe you’re suddenly obsessed with Maroon 5?


2. A cactus

Or an alien or an animal or a state flag. Something simple that could be a specific reference to a song (or a band or a place) but could also be more vague—maybe you’re just a big fan of succulents or extraterrestrial beings. You can change the meaning behind it every day if you want, as long as it makes you happy. 


3. 8123

What other way to better show people that 8123 means everything to you than by getting those four numbers permanently on your body? I can’t really think of another label that has this sense of community around it, but I’m sure there’s something else you could substitute it with.


 4. Your favorite lyric(s)

The options for this one are endless! Though I’ll admit it’s very hard to limit yourself to one favorite song...which is why I personally prefer to choose a song from every album and just go from there.


5. Album artwork

I’ve always thought the album artwork for the Good LoveEP would make a fantastic tattoo, but I’ve also seen some great art based on American Candy. And, of course, there were all those cool symbols from the singles off of Lovely Little Lonely—the “Bad Behaviour” rose, for example.


I know tattoos aren’t for everyone but there’s something special about seeing how someone or something you love can make such a (literal) mark on your life.