Fall (In Love With These) 2018 Tours

An 8123 Community blog by Justin Nuckols. 

Looking to head out to some shows this fall, but not sure where to start? Read on for tour recommendations from 8123 blogger Justin Nuckols.

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“The Summer Ever After Tour”

All Time Low / Dashboard Confessional / gnash

Even though this loaded bill started awhile back with leg 1 of The Summer Ever After Tour, it is still a tour that needs to be discussed. If your city hasn’t been hit yet, be sure to gather the friends and party to old and new tunes by two longtime bands in this scene. gnash will be opening the night, so be sure to arrive early! Side note: if your stop is on a Friday, you’re about to learn about Aloha Friday!



“Welcome to Sunnyland Tour”

Mayday Parade / This Wild Life / Ryan William Key (of Yellowcard) / Oh, Weatherly

It’s pretty difficult to avoid Mayday Parade if you’ve been around 8123 or attended a Warped Tour in the last few years. The new album, Sunnyland, had some exposure to those who did go to the final Warped run, however we now have the chance to delve a little deeper into the new record in addition to the classics we all know every word to. They are joined by This Wild Life, who also appeared on this last Warped Tour. Fellow 8123 blogger Sam Devotta did their sound justice in her blog here. Yellowcard’s own Ryan William Key will also be performing his solo work which has a very raw acoustic sound with metaphorical lyrics. To round out this tour, the upcoming band Oh, Weatherly will be opening the night with high energy and traditional pop-punk vibes. Be sure to catch this show in your city!



“Love and Loathing in Paradise Tour”

With Confidence / Broadside/ Sleep On It / Small Talks

Listen to the Australian trio’s new record “Love and Loathing” and try to hear inspiration from The Maine. With Confidence’s front man, Jayden Seeley, said that Lovely Little Lonely was what he was listening to during the writing of this sophomore release. Sweeten the deal further, and Broadside is joining with as a co-headliner. Sleep On It and Small Talks open the night to give you every reason to grab a ticket!


“Generation Rx Tour”

Good Charlotte / Sleeping With Sirens / Knuckle Puck

Arguably the dads of modern pop-punk, Benji and Joel Madden are out with a message in their new sound. This night is sure to have youthful anthems and new sounds that will remind you why Good Charlotte is an all-time great. Sleeping With Sirens and Knuckle Puck are joining to round out the triple threat. Give me one reason this isn’t a show to see?



Death Cab for Cutie

What current band hasn’t drawn some ounce of inspiration from Death Cab? A new record calls for a tour and tickets have been going fast! As someone who looks back on 2005’s “Plans” album in nostalgia, the new record is one that gets me excited for what’s ahead. Let’s all get emo for a night. Long live indie rock.



Palaye Royale

If you didn’t catch this trio over summer, it’s your lucky day, as they are back to debut Boom Boom Room Side B. If you miss My Chemical Romance (which Palaye did a cover of on Warped), this is a show to explore. I dare you to try to stand still at a show, because it’s all but damn near impossible. Stick around after the show to meet some of the nicest guys on the come up.


“Bring Your Mom Tour”

Hobo Johnson

An origin story worth exploring outside this blog, Hobo Johnson brings an alternative hip-hop sound that has helped this group rise in popularity in just a year. Give just one listen and your ears will be fixated on each line of Frank Lopes’ conversational story. Get to a venue if you want to experience the meteoric rise of Hobo Johnson!