Revamping Band Tees (Six) - The Final Instalment

An 8123 Community blog by Trisha Pham.

This blog is the final part in an ongoing series - be sure to check the blog to read the previous installments! 


Now that you’ve rediscovered, revamped, and revived your old band tees, you’re probably wondering how you can style them with your existing wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe pieces are vastly different from what you used to wear, or you’re just tired of wearing a shirt the same way (i.e., just putting it on and calling it a day), there are many inventive ways you can wear your band tees again, with or without alterations.

Cuffed Sleeves

A lot of times band tees are sold as men’s or unisex size. This means the shirt is going to be boxier or more oversized on ladies. For petite ladies like myself, boxy-er shirts means slightly too-long sleeves. A simple solution for a more put-together-yet-casually-carefree look is to cuff the sleeves. Fold the hem two or three times. Make your first fold larger than your second and third for more security. If you want your shirt to keep their cuffs at all times, you can opt to sew a small stitch at the top of the folds, and at the bottom near the armpit area.


Tucked In or Tied

If your shirt is a little too long, or you want your outfit to look more thoughtful, tuck in the bottom of your shirt! If it’s a baggier shirt, you can even just do a half-tuck for a more effortless vibe. For an even more casual-but-cool look, you can tie a knot off-center on your hem. Combining the cuffed look and tucked-in or tied look and you can get…


Dressed Up

The dressed-up look can be accomplished with the aforementioned styling techniques. Pair your band tee with a skirt or slacks, and layer with a cardigan or blazer, and you can give your business-casual wear a fun twist! This method is my go-to for Casual Fridays at my teaching job.



When I say layered, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean flannels, cardigans, and leather jackets. It can mean with unexpected layers, like a dress or a flow-y tank. This is probably the trendiest look out of the bunch, but it’s also the most fun and the most experimental. Fair warning: this trick may seem a little daunting, and not every layering trick is going to necessarily work for everyone. However, with some consideration and observation to details (i.e., color motifs, patterns, necklines, hem lengths) along with confidence, you sure as heck can create a statement look with your band tee.


What do you think? Are you going to go to town on your tees with some scissors? Do you have a band tee in mind that you’re going to wear out in lieu of a plain basic? Whatever you decide, I hope I was able to bring some inspiration to you with these tips and tricks. Get crafty, and rep your stan!