Revamping Band Tees (Part Three)

An 8123 Community blog by Trisha Pham.

This blog is part of a series, catch up with Part One HERE and Part Two HERE.

Slay & Fray


This is a more subtle way to give your band tees a makeover if you’re a little apprehensive about snipping away parts of your shirt.

  • Materials: band tee, pointy scissors

  • Instructions:

1. Start anywhere. Carefully open your scissors. With one end, poke the tip into your shirt.


2. With the other hand, carefully pull the shirt away from the scissors. This technique helps you create small holes and snags that don’t look like you tried too hard to make your shirt look ~edgy~.


3. Continue to do this around the area of your graphic, and all over your shirt. You can even tackle the back if you want! Don’t forget the sleeves!

4. For the collar and hem, you can do the pull technique. However, after you create a small hole, take the edge of one side of your scissors and rub it along the hole and surrounding area. This will create a frayed look.


5. When you think you’re complete, wear the hell out of it even more!