Revamping Band Tees (Part Two)

An 8123 Community blog by Trisha Pham.

Read Part One of this series here:

Choker V-Neck

This look is very on-trend right now. It’s definitely the sassier, more risqué technique, but you can do a lot with this look, from layering with a strappy-front bralette underneath, to wearing a long laureate necklace over it.

  • Materials: band tee, scissors, tape

  • Instructions:

1. Lay your band tee on a flat surface.


2. Underneath the collar, determine your v-neck area. Use tape to cordon off the area. Use smaller pieces if you need to cover any gaps.

Tape Off FIXED.jpg

3. To start your cutting point, underneath your collar, take a very small fold of the shirt, and snip into the fold. Make sure you’re not grabbing the back of the tee before doing this!

Starting Under Collar FIXED.jpg

4. After making the small snip, you can now cut along your guide within the cordoned-off V area. Continue cutting, using the bottom of your collar as a guide when you finish up.

COLLAR fixed.jpg

5. Crop the hem as you would in the first lesson. This is totally optional. Other than that, wear your new, hella stylish band tee with pride!

Stay tuned for Part Three of "Revamping Band Tees" coming next week!