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Summer is well underway, and we all know what that means – it’s time to break out our speakers and start blasting our summer playlists. Whether you’re driving to the beach, laying out in the sun, going to shows, or just laying on your bedroom floor complaining about how hot it is, we all need some background music to get us in the summer spirit. Some of my best summer memories go hand in hand with my summer soundtrack, so here’s what’s on mine this year:

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1.     “Bad” – Save Face

Save Face is an up and coming rock band from New Jersey who just signed with Epitaph Records. This song has a killer bass line, a ripping guitar solo, and is honestly impossible not to move to. What else could you ask for in a summer hit? All in all, this song slaps.

Listen here:

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2.     “Dead and Gone” – State Champs

State Champs just released their new record and dropped this banger before its release. This song is a lot different from their previous music, but is nonetheless an incredible pop punk anthem. The chorus is extremely catchy, with hard-hitting lyrics that tell of a relationship that once was great but now causes too much stress. It’s a fantastic song to blast on full volume with your windows down.

Listen here:

3.     “Sha La La” – The Technicolors

This single by The Techs absolutely SLAPS. It has such a vibe to it that it would be disgraceful not to have on a summer playlist. The tune has an incredible guitar riff in the chorus that makes you move your body no matter what you’re doing. Not to mention Brennen Smiley’s vocals literally begging you to sing along with each “sha la la.”

Listen here:

4.     “Haven’t We Been Here Before” – FV

FV just dropped their EP “Phantom Dance Department” in April, and this track is on it. This song is insanely catchy, with a sick bass line carrying the bridge, alongside the lyrics “It’s now or never, whenever,” which has the potential to be the quote you use this summer when you make decisions that you may regret. We all know we need that.

Listen here:

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5.     “Color” – The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer just dropped a new album for the first time since 2013, and the entire record rips. This song starts off slow, with raw vocals and the lyrics, “Where’s the color? I see it bleeding down the walls.” Then a rhythmic drumbeat comes in and the track picks up. The guitar riff that closes the song brings it to an almost fairytale conclusion.

Listen here:

6.     “great big beaches” – Oso Oso

Oso Oso just released a new record this year titled “the yunahon mixtape,” and this track is on it. It starts off with a mesmerizing guitar riff and beautiful chord progression. The drumbeat really helps drive the song forward, and the vocals provide a catchy melody that just sounds like summer to me. This song is a vibe, and should absolutely be added to your playlist this summer.

Listen here:

7.     “Dreams Tonite” – Alvvays

This song is the definition of a summer bop. Molly Rankin’s vocals are absolutely beautiful, and the dream pop syncopation really makes this song unique. The chorus is insanely catchy, and the bridge is a modern work of art. This is the song you want on your playlist for dancing around your room by yourself in the middle of the night.

Listen here:

8.     “Rinse, Repeat” – Kississippi

Kississippi just released their second LP this month titled “Sunset Blush.” This song is so cool, and Zoe’s voice is so quirky against the instruments. There are also some cool sounds underlying the music that really make this song stand out to me. Too good to skip over this summer.

Listen here:

9.     “Bad Catholics” – The Menzingers

This song wastes no time, and kicks in immediately with a killer drumbeat. The guitar riff underlying the vocals in the first verse really make all the difference. This is the best song to play when you’re doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing, which happens far too often in the summertime.

Listen here:

10. “Agoraphobia” – A Will Away

This song by far has the best introduction to any song I have ever heard. It immediately captivates you and makes you want to dance. Matt Carlson’s vocals contrast beautifully against the unique guitar riffs throughout the song’s entirety. The song is literally about being afraid to go outside, so this is the anthem for days where you don’t wanna leave your bedroom.

Listen here:

I’d love to hear what songs you guys will be jamming this summer, so please share your playlists in the comments!