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A Never Ending Dance With Depression

Have you ever woke up and found yourself in a deep narrow ditch, unsure if it’s the humidity of the dirt enclosing you or the sweat from being in such a compact space that makes it so hard to breathe? As you peer out, the light seems so far away and seems to be getting more and more distant every time you eventually fall asleep and decide when you actually want to open your eyes for the day that you dread so drastically.

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Life Lessons with Anna DiPaolo

Hello there 8123 pals! Allow me to introduce myself, the name is Anna and I am here to tell you about my depression. When I received the email from Chelsea extending the offer to write a blog post, I was stoked. Then, when I read what the topic was; my heart sank and my body felt like it was set on fire. I am not shy about my depression and anxiety.

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