Handshakes & First Steps

An 8123 Community blog by Iris Konstant.

At 8123, community and giving back are just a few of the core aspects; which creates an exceptional group of individuals searching to make a positive impact on the world. Amongst all of us is not only the desire to make a positive impact but a love of music. Be it pop-punk, jazz, indie, you name it - music permeates every inch of this movement.

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The same music which you love and hold dear, however, can also be the driving force behind making an impact within your local community; just take it from me.

Back in 2014 I started working in the music industry as a “Festival Relations Assistant” - essentially, a glorified runner. Day in and day out, throughout the summer, I would work closely with the Head of Artist Relations; in the creation of VIP areas, artist areas, and the general atmosphere of the festival. As the years passed, my passions shifted towards a more “digital sense;” as I began photographing friends around town and in run-down bars [which made you fear for your life]. In those formative times, I did my best to support the scene. Visiting shows, buying friends’ merch, and supporting fellow artists by re-blogging, or just liking their music. Somewhere along the line, things started to ramp up and my photography moved from just a hobby to an actual job. Where I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists like All Time Low and Waterparks [we had this weird “inside handshake” going by the end of Warped Tour].   

But enough about me and my weird handshakes, the reason I wanted to start this series was to give back. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in music or touring, don’t be afraid to ask! Over the course of this blog series, my goal is to address any fears, misconceptions, and questions. By doing this, I hope to give back to a community which helped me through those formative years. 

This series is a place for you to ask real questions you have about specific or general roles in the music industry, seek advice on do’s and don’ts, hear perspectives from people working in your chosen field, and so much more. In order to get started, we need to hear from you! So, fire away, ask those questions (in the comments on this blog), and don’t forget to chase down your passions. Until next time!