Warm Weather, Hot Tunes

An 8123 Community blog by Justin Nuckols. 

Looking for that perfect summer day playlist? Check out what fellow 8123 fan Justin Nuckols is listening to. Take a listen to his playlist on Spotify. 

“Real Good Life” - The Mowgli’s

●      Start your summer road trip, party, or hangout with a feel-good tune that embodies all our summer dreams: palm trees, sunny skies, and friends staying out all night.

“Love Is Alive” - Louis The Child

●      We all aren’t presently in paradise as we see everyone making the best of their summer. Turn up these tunes, open your eyes and see the love all around you. The time to meet new friends is now!

“Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)” - The Maine

●      While we’re all making new memories, that’s not to say we don’t like to laugh over the old times when we got into trouble, made questionable decisions, and were on the road to being who we are today. Do you remember?

“California” - Story Untold

●      Ocean waves, west coast vibes, and a reminiscent pop punk tune. Roll down the windows and drive away on that vacation!

“where do you go” - flor

●      Chase after those things and people in your life that seem to have abundant love just for you. Discover new loves and find the source of that love with this tune.

“Naive” - The Kooks

●      Summer can be a new start for everyone - a chance to cut out that which hurts us. Sometimes faults aren’t shared and a new beginning is what this season offers.

“We Got This” - A Day To Remember

●      We have all felt alone, even in “a crowded room”, but don’t forget your experiences and passions are what make you, you. Be proud of how strong you are and show that off.

“New Skin” - Beach Weather

●      Try something new. Go on a vacation. Get out in the world. Be whoever you want to be, starting today. Get to know yourself and find where you want to take that soul.

“With A Little Help From My Friends” - The Maine

●      The best memories and experiences are often shared with friends. They are the ones who have your back, even when you’re wrong, and always offer a hand. Give back this summer and remind yourself, we all need a little love.

“Sweat” - The Technicolors

●      A summer love, for months or a weekend, can play over in your head for what seems like an eternity. Need to sweat it out? Get back out there and play this track.

“Turn It Up” - The Wrecks

●      Summer parties need a loud, let loose, get wild track. Put this one up to 11, raise a drink, and get a party moving!

“Tangerine Girl” - Asher Roth

●      Sparks and chemistry can come when you don’t expect it. Put out the vibes with this wavy, bouncing tune to send a message to that person across the party.

“make you feel pretty” - lovelytheband

●      Find the people in your life, or meet new ones, who make you want to go see the world and spend all your money. Or treat yourself before going out on a warm, summer night just to feel pretty...

“Giver - Wankelmut & Fynn Remix” - K.Flay

●      Summer usually means less responsibilities, more freedom, and plenty of time to grow as a person. Do the things today that your future self will thank you for.

“Breezeblocks” - alt-J

●      Have you ever used every ounce of strength chasing after that love that doesn’t seem to reciprocate? It can feel like you put yourself “Where The Wild Things Are”, but at least you have a tune to embrace for those memories.

“Little Black Dress” - The Breaking Pattern

●      Ever show up to that date, and lose your breath and every word you planned to say? The right black dress will set the tone, and pace for the night...

“Washed up Together” - Knox Hamilton

●      Not having a plan or destination in life can feel like you’re suffocating at times. This track reminds us, with the right people around us, it doesn’t matter where you’re headed, as long as you’re headed there together - we support the dreams of our friends because they support ours.

“Troublemaker” - Grizfolk

●      We all have some vices - good and bad. Savor the enjoyment while it lasts: summer only lasts so long.

“Retro [ROUGH]” - Childish Gambino

●      A fast bounce, with a subdued backbeat adds some color to this song about doing whatever makes you happy, making new connections, and proving the naysayers wrong.

“Young for the Summer” - DALES

●      Years go by and we only get older. Adventure with abandon and stay young this summer by rolling down the windows and staying out late.

“That Dress” - The Pale White

●      Dance with strangers this summer. No motives, no intentions - just to have a good time. Break out the dress and show it off.

“Get Higher - Bonus Track” - Palaye Royale

●      Chase your wildest dreams, be who you are, and don’t conform to the crowd. Let your ambitions and life goals take you to the highest place in your life - and let nothing stop you.

“I Believe In A Thing Called Love” - The Darkness

●      Did you just find love in your summer fling? Keep rocking till the sun goes down, feel the beat of your chest, and let summer roll on...

Listen to the Warm Weather, Hot Tunes playlist by clicking here.