8123 Throwback Thursday Playlist

An 8123 Community blog by Laura Heibler.



It’s weird to think about how long the 8123 family has really been around. The community has existed for a decade and then some, and countless people have made their impact on it. With that many artists making music for so long, songs can fall to the side as new content is released. Take a listen to this 8123 Throwback Thursday playlist to hear some classic favorites you’ve been missing. 

Take a listen to the playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/lauraheibs/playlist/7duug64PySlSWXfPiMnEzG?si=-F-6ZMqQRWa8hRR34ACNeg



1.     We Chose the King – Brighten

If you didn’t have “In all this chaos, we found safety” lyric edits all over your blog, were you even on Tumblr in 2009-2011? Brighten had all the quintessential inspirational and heartwarming songs we lived for in those days, but the songs still hold up even if the lyrics came off the walls. Here’s to hoping we get another set from them at the next 8123 Fest.

2.     Running – This Century

This Century put out tune after tune for years, and I’m low-key still mourning their disbanding tbh. There was something really special about them, and the To Love and Back EP really captures their fun and sweet energy that made so many people love them.

3.     This Is Twice Now – Lydia

One of my favorite things about Lydia’s first run was that they had male and female vocals. On this album, Mindy and Leighton’s voices complemented each other so well, and “This Is Twice Now” really showcases their on-point harmonies. The album as a whole is really gorgeous and unique, and listening to it now definitely transports me back to that time.

4.     Call It Home – A Rocket to the Moon

“Call It Home” was a bonus track on Rocket’s last (awesome and totally underrated) album, Wild & Free. While On Your Side and the earlier releases have tons of good throwback tunes, this one is special to me because it reminds me of 8123 Fest. It was great before and I love listening to the story of the band put into song but thinking back on those Fest memories makes it even better.

5.     Color – The Maine

Black & White is maybe a little controversial among Maine fans, but the album is full of bops and the era holds a lot of good memories. “Color” is one of my favorite songs by them, and I hope to see it make it back on a setlist someday. Until then, it’s a #tbt classic.

6.     Sierra the Serial Killer – Austin Gibbs

In the 8123 Podcast episode with Loren Brinton (Lydia, A Rocket to the Moon), he brings up Austin Gibb’s songwriting and storytelling skills, and if this isn’t the craziest example of those things, then I don’t know what is. This song is seriously a trip, but so fun and pretty indictive of the rest of Austin’s catalog (minus the murder references).

7.     The Power – The Bambinos

How could a duo of Austin Gibbs and Brennan Smiley not be cool, honestly? This 2014 collaboration blessed us with five tracks with Austin and Brennan trading off leads vocals on each song. “The Power” was the first single they released and features both singing, lots of instrumentals, and even some cool beach sounds, which is why it’s my favorite. Once again, crossing my fingers for 8123 Fest 2.0.

8.     Rebel Sun – Beach Weather

Maybe it’s too early to put Beach Weather on a Throwback Thursday playlist, but since they are no more (RIP), I think we can make an exception. This is such a feelgood summer song for me and always reminds me of gorgeous weather, travelling, and hanging out at festivals. Meanwhile, we got 20” of snow in Wisconsin not long ago, so I’ll be jamming to this until the flashback images from this song are reality again.

9.     Pretty Girl Monster – Eagles in Drag

We love an 8123 supergroup. Made up of John O’Callaghan and Jared Monaco (The Maine), Ryan Gose (This Century), Eric Halvorsen (A Rocket to the Moon), and Trey Nickelsen (Fairline, Austin Gibbs) the band formed and released one 5-track EP in 2014 but haven’t been heard from as a group since then. Bummer because this is a tune.

10.  Hollywood – The Technicolors

Anyone else still not over how good this band is? Metaphysical was one of 2017’s best albums, and Ultraviolet Disguise is stacked with catchy rock anthems, but before these albums and the band’s official addition to 8123, The Techs put out Listener and it really deserves more love. “Hollywood” goes off live and reminds me of seeing them for the first time on the American Candy tour.

11.  Can’t Say I Miss You – Nick Santino

Post-A Rocket to the Moon and Nick Santino and The Northern Wind, but pre-Beach Weather, Nick Santino finally released an album as himself. This song is a standout pop-rock tune with Nick’s signature country charm laid on top.

12.  You Left Me – The Maine

I know I’m not alone when I say this song deserved better. To be fair, they did do a rendition of it on The Acoustic Evening with The Maine run of shows in 2014, and I get why it wasn’t played live more since the heavy-electronic effects didn’t translate easily. But man, what I would do to hear the album version of it now. Until then, I’ll just remember what could have been…

What are your favorite 8123 throwback songs? Share what you would have included!