What is 8123 Impact?

A philanthropic initiative inspiring the 8123 Family to donate their passion, time and talents to make a positive difference locally and globally while bringing awareness and supporting social conscientiousness.

Trialled early in 2017 during 8123 Fest, 8123 Impact has officially launched. The goal of the project, is to organize opportunities for both artists and fans within the 8123 Family to get involved through various charitable efforts. The main focus of the initiative involves volunteerism - utilizing time and talent to give back. We want to encourage and empower fans to work together to make a difference.

"8123 is so much more than music. It's every single one of you. Different voices, from different places, making up something that is larger than one. Thank you for being a part of this family."

Now, it's time for the 8123 Family to get involved and give back.

Upcoming Opportunities

Stay tuned for new volunteer opportunities coming soon! In the meantime, sign up below to be notified of 8123 Impact news!

Fans volunteering alongside Joel Kanitz at the Arizona Humane Society during 8123 Fest in Phoenix.

Fans volunteering alongside Joel Kanitz at the Arizona Humane Society during 8123 Fest in Phoenix.

Jared and Kennedy of The Maine volunteering with fans for The 3000 Club - sorting and packing medical supplies to be sent to underprivileged areas. 

Jared and Kennedy of The Maine volunteering with fans for The 3000 Club - sorting and packing medical supplies to be sent to underprivileged areas. 


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Let's talk about love. What comes to mind when you read that word? Maybe a song. Maybe a food you like. Maybe a fleeting, glamorized feeling that should actually be called infatuation. Whatever it is, I think we can agree that the word "love" is overused. It's all watered down. It's got no flavor anymore. So how are we even supposed to know what it is today?


I hear a lot of people say love is all about a feeling. The "just do what makes you feel good all the time" genre of self-serving talk. I take major issue with that, and here's why: Feelings and urges are fickle. They come and go as quickly as the tides. Real love is not temporary, and ought not be equated as such. Remember when you were a child and feelings told you it was a good idea to punch that kid in the face who made you mad? Or that it was imperative your parents buy you a pony? It might have made you feel good initially, but then hours later you'd realize how terrible of an idea it actually was. Is love really in the same category as those impulsive feelings? My point is, if you think love is solely about how you feel, good luck when the desire goes away. Rest assured, it will.


So what is it then? I'm here to argue for authentic love. Difficult love. The real deal. Because more often than not, real love fights with feelings. It swims upstream. It's tough. It's inconvenient. You have to sacrifice. You have to get your hands dirty. You do it even when you don't feel like it—and sometimes it just straight up doesn't feel good at all. It's action, not intention. It's the walk, not the talk. I'm not saying it's always a struggle, but when the party is over and all the excitement is washed away, love chooses to remain.


There's a reason why I'm talking about all of this, so I'll get right to it. As I see it, this charity initiative is about real love, and I'm into it. I saw it when we got together with fans who drove out and offered their time at the Arizona Humane Society to make toys and blankets for homeless kittens. I heard about it when another group went and helped organize medical supplies to ship to countries in need of those basic necessities. All these people could have very well done something a whole lot more instantly gratifying, but they chose to give instead. It makes me genuinely excited to see what comes of this as it continues, and we want to give you a chance to be a part of it. You won't ever fully know your capacity to love until you make sacrifices and engage in the real thing.


Doing life is a lot easier when we do it together. I ask that you consider joining up with us in giving something special to our beautiful world. Will it always be fun? Probably not. Will it be a challenge? Most likely. But there are people and animals who need somebody to show them real love right now. Let's be those people. Let's create a contagious atmosphere of hope and kindness in everything we do. Let's go against the grain and put others first. Let's love for real.


Thanks so much for reading. I hope to see you out there soon!



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