Revamping Band Tees (Part Two)

Choker V-Neck

This look is very on-trend right now. It’s definitely the sassier, more risqué technique, but you can do a lot with this look, from layering with a strappy-front bralette underneath, to wearing a long laureate necklace over it.

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Summer is well underway, and we all know what that means – it’s time to break out our speakers and start blasting our summer playlists. Whether you’re driving to the beach, laying out in the sun, going to shows, or just laying on your bedroom floor complaining about how hot it is, we all need some background music to get us in the summer spirit. Some of my best summer memories go hand in hand with my summer soundtrack, so here’s what’s on mine this year:

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A Never Ending Dance With Depression

Have you ever woke up and found yourself in a deep narrow ditch, unsure if it’s the humidity of the dirt enclosing you or the sweat from being in such a compact space that makes it so hard to breathe? As you peer out, the light seems so far away and seems to be getting more and more distant every time you eventually fall asleep and decide when you actually want to open your eyes for the day that you dread so drastically.

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Revamping Band Tees (Part One)

Now that I am in my mid-twenties, band tees have become slightly less prevalent in my wardrobe (thanks, grown-up jobs). However, whenever I’m not pretending like I’m gritting my teeth in pain from walking in heels, or tugging at my skirt hem because of my irrational fear of a wardrobe malfunction, I try to find ways to incorporate my old and new band tees into my wardrobe when I’m off-duty.

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8123 Fest Is Back!

We couldn’t be happier to announce that 8123 fest is back in January!!!! 3 days, bigger lineup, and we couldn’t help but notice today is the 10 year anniversary of our first album “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” so to celebrate we will be performing the album in full for the first and last time at the festival!

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A Reflection On 8123 Fest 2017

The Maine have been my favourite band and a gigantic chunk of sunshine in my life for a generous handful of years now, but for me 8123 fest was the point at which this whole thing started to feel more than just a band, but like a family. The atmosphere in that parking lot in downtown Phoenix, filled with several thousand souls from all over the world was nothing short of magical.

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Life Lessons with Anna DiPaolo

Hello there 8123 pals! Allow me to introduce myself, the name is Anna and I am here to tell you about my depression. When I received the email from Chelsea extending the offer to write a blog post, I was stoked. Then, when I read what the topic was; my heart sank and my body felt like it was set on fire. I am not shy about my depression and anxiety.

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Special Guest Blog: Joel's Thoughts on 8123 Impact

Let's talk about love. What comes to mind when you read that word? Maybe a song. Maybe a food you like. Maybe a fleeting, glamorized feeling that should actually be called infatuation. Whatever it is, I think we can agree that the word "love" is overused. It's all watered down. It's got no flavor anymore. So how are we even supposed to know what it is today?

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